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    I’m just getting started and recently changed my blog to full width and moved everything in my sidebar to the footer. Now, for some reason, I am getting some widgets (search, meta, and archives) appearing twice, both above my footer and within the footer. I can’t seem to figure out how this happened! Any suggestions??

    Also, any tips on how to remove the blank space between the header and the first post? Thank you in advance!!


    The blog I need help with is madisonkatephotography.wordpress.com.



    We remove widgets here > Appearance > Widgets


    All my widgets are located in the footer areas. But the problem is the widgets somehow placed above the footer. How do I control and remove these?



    The area above the footer is your sidebar. You added some CSS to make the main column full-width, so the sidebar dropped below the main column.
    As for the reason why that area displays widgets, see here:

    Quick fix: drag a text widget to Sidebar.
    Real fix: add CSS to remove the sidebar (as well as the blank space in the header, which is the space for the tagline you have deleted). If you don’t know how to do this, you can post in the CSS forum and wait for a staff reply.

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