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    I am completely new to wordpress and I like it so far very much!

    I use the chaoticsoul template, which is really nice, but there is one problem.

    Here my new blog:


    I have entered a few pictures in a gallery, but when I look at the picture itself, the left widgets disappear. Am I doing something wrong?

    Here would be an example for such a picture:


    It would be really nice if the widgets would stay on their place all the time!

    Thank you and sorry if this was asked again, I did not found any related post in support or the forum


    The blog I need help with is amatulwaahid.wordpress.com.


    When you click on the thumbnail in a gallery, you are taken to what is called an “attachment” page which shows the image in a larger size and presents a comments section so that people can comment on the image if they wish. The attachments page on chaoticsoul apparently does not show widgets although the blank sidebar area is still there. This seems kind of odd behavior.

    My suggestion is to contact staff directly and see if they might “fix” it. If it was the way the theme was originally designed by the theme author then they will probably not fix it, but if it is a bug then they will.




    @amatulwaahid As Richard says above the general practice with WordPress.com themes is to show single images on their own page with no sidebar.

    ChaoticSoul was hiding the sidebar but not making the image the full width of the page. We’ve fixed that now.

    Thanks for the feedback.



    Thank you for your answers!

    And really thank you very much for your quick and friendly help, the support answered very quick!!!

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