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    I am setting up a new blog with the Suburbia theme. I have put widgets in my sidebar, as well as my Bottom Areas. They appear in my Bottom Areas, but only “About” appears in my sidebar. I tried moving my “Search” widget from the sidebar to the Bottom area and it works there, but not in sidebar. I mostly want Search, Follow and Categories at this point, but none work in sidebar.

    I am using Safari and tried switching to Firefox, as another poster said that seemed to help with a similar issue, but it didn’t work for me.

    The blog I need help with is jennifersuchey.wordpress.com.



    a) Link to the blog in question please.
    b) In Suburbia the left sidebar houses the header image and the top nav menu. Widgets are for the right sidebar, which shows up when you view a single post or a static page, not when you view the main posts page. Check the theme demo:


    Thank you for your reply. I assumed the url to my site would be posted in my message since I was asked which blog I was posting about. So why do they ask?! Anyway it’s http://jennifersuchey.wordpress.com/ (Remember, it’s in progress, so I have “pretend” posts up for now just to see what it looks like.)

    I see what you are saying about the sidebar on the right when you click on a post. So what is the purpose of the homepage sidebar on the left? What can I put there because right now it’s just an empty space except for the “About” page link.

    I may have to find another theme, which sucks, because I really like this one. I really want to have links to post categories and a search widget near the top of my homepage. Hmmmm.



    a) They ask so that if you’re a wordpress.org user mistakenly posting here (happens a lot) you’ll get a bot reply directing you to the right forum. The URL isn’t included in your message, to respect the privacy of users who may have reasons not to link to their blog.

    b) As I said above, the left sidebar is for the top nav menu. The default top nav menu displays links to all your published static pages (such as your “About”). If you wish to display your post categories instead of or in addition to your pages, you need to create and activate a custom menu. Details here:


    Thanks so much. I guess I’m still trying to understand exactly what “top navigation menu” is, as opposed to the widgets I want to use. I’ll read the link you sent and try to figure it all out. Sounds like I can still have my categories listed via another method, though, which is my main issue. Thanks again. (I’ll probably be back! Haha!)



    You’re welcome.
    Check the image in the post I linked to, to see what a top nav menu usually is. In Suburbia it’s simply vertical instead of horizontal.

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