widgets don’t fit into my blog’s layout

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    Some widgets – like my calender or my poll – don’t fit into the blog’s layout. The font type and the color are different from the rest of the page (visit the problem on http://www.motzenmitmatze.de). As I’m only blogging with WP for a few weeks I have no idea how to solve that problem.
    In the style.css document all widget settings seem to be allright.



    i think you have a self-hosted blog, in which case you have to go to http://wordpress.org/support to place your query. this is the forum for bloggers hosted by wp.com. please correct me if i’m mistaken.


    Allright, I’m sorry!


    But as I don’t get an answer at wordpress’ support – do you think anyone could help me here?



    We use different here with little or no control over our themes.



    different = different software


    Oh, I see. Thanks anyway.

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