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widgets don't show in Digg 3 column

  1. Some of the widgets I have tried to add to my blog show up in the dashboard but not on the blog. I am using the Digg 3 column and have a customisable header. In Sidebar 1 I have 10 widgets showing in the dashboard but the only ones that show on the blog are Recent Posts, Categories, Meta, ClusterMaps, (text) Archives, & Blog Stats. Those not showing are RSS, and Twitter.
    On Sidebar 2 I should have 5 widgets, but the only ones showing are my Blogroll (in 2 categories), a Wikipedia Supporter badge, (text), a Technorati faves badge (text), and a Bookaholic Bookring link that is supposed to be a badge but is a text link instead.
    The dashboard invites me to add extra widgets so I am assuming that there isn't some limit to the number of widgets you can add? If there is a limit, how can you tell? Is there something I have failed to do?
    I have checked the forums and there are a few queries about this template but they seem to be from people transferring from some other template. I'm pretty sure that I've had this template from the time I set up this blog - but since I have helped a few other people set up WordPress blogs I am not 100% sure.
    I am using Windows XP and mostly use IE7, but occasionally Firefox when WordPress has the occasional hissy fit about IE7 LOL. The widgets don't show up when I view the page in Firefox either.
    I'd really like to show off my LibraryThing widget, so I'd love to have this resolved, and there really isn't another 3 column template with a customisable header, not that I could find.
    Thanks for your help.
    Lisa in Oz

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PS to the above
    Oh doh, that should be 4 widgets in Sidebar 2, I deleted one of them as I was writing the above query, just to see if it made any difference. (It didn't).
    Lisa in Oz

  3. Have you configured the RSS, Delicious, and Twitter widgets? Or did you add them and not fill them in?

  4. No, I configured them i.e. I copied the html from the source and then saved them.

  5. What do you mean by "copied the HTML from the source"? Did you fill in which RSS feed, which Twitter account, etc?

  6. Ah ha, maybe that's what I didn't do.
    But I have just had a go at adding my Library Thing widget, for my account, and it's showing up as text, not as it's supposed to, with images of the books I'm reading.

  7. Library Thing does not work here, because it's Javascript.

  8. Ah. What a pity...

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