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    Hi, I have different widget on each page. Some pages show the widgets correctly but some pages doesn’t show widgets at all. Can someone help please?

    The blog I need help with is indonesiain4weeks.wordpress.com.


    Check each widgets visibility settings in the widget section if the dashboard. If you click on the active widget you can change the visibility settings to ensure they are visible for each page.

    Hopefully that helps, if not let us know!



    Some themes don’t show widgets on all pages/posts. You may have to change themes.


    I have Twenty Ten widget. I have 5 pages on my web. The “milestone” widget shows on first 3 pages and doesn’t show on last 2. All settings in Visibility seems to be correct.
    Do you think it’s a case as you described in you last note?


    I just tested it in Twenty Ten, and I made 5 pages, and all of them showed the Milestone widget when the visibility settings were correct. So I’m not sure why it isn’t working for you. All I can suggest is that maybe the visibility settings aren’t quite right. But if they are, maybe someone else has some ideas.


    I’m sill learning:) – please have a look at my web. I deleted all widgets and set them up again. I’d like to have 1 milestone widget on each page however to see what was wrong I set them up to be visible on all pages. They are all fine – except parent Bali page (children Bali pages are fine). Any idea? Hope my explanation is clear.



    Clicking “Bali” doesn’t display a static page: you have set that page as your posts page in Settings > Reading, so it displays your latest posts.

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