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widgets encoding

  1. I am facing a problem with the widgets i have enabled at the right column of my blog
    it seems that there is a problem with the encoding of the links contained in the widgets
    instead of seeing greek characters i get '?'
    Supricingly greek characters in the links contained in the widgets at the left column of my blog display correctly

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On German blogs we see the same problem. Just in the Widgets we get for all German umlauts (ü,ä,ö) a "�" ...

    Best regards

  3. Same problem here :

  4. Same problam in all my Hebrew sites.
    waiting for the staf help

  5. Same problem here with the swedish and other nordic characters. Makes the blog look very ugly. Problem is only with widgets, not other texts, posts, et c.


    It's happening with more than just the Greek alphabet, it appears. I'll flag this for staff.

  7. If it helps, I can add that the problem seems to have appeared a day or so ago. It wasn't like this before (at least not for my blog).

  8. Got the same for my (swedish) blog. The sidebar encoding seems to have gone bananas the last day.

  9. sam problem with the Hungarian alphabet in the widgets.

  10. sardegnaterradipace

    ...same problem here:

  11. Same problem here (on the footer of academica theme [menu+widgets]):

  12. Same here, though I guess I'm lucky since the only affected characters in my case are typographical apostrophes. Looks like someone screwed up Unicode display for widgets. :)

  13. I'm not alone))- same here

  14. Same problem here:

    The language is Bulgarian.
    It happened a day or two ago...
    Can anybody help?

  15. Same problem, this time Turkish characters. (ç,ö,ü,ı,ş,ğ)

  16. It looks like the problem is solved now.

  17. yes it does

  18. Absolutely! Thanks to the great wp team! Again! :)

  19. Many thanks !!!

  20. sardegnaterradipace

    ...solved for me too. Thanks!!

  21. The issue has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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