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Widgets? Explanation needed.

  1. I think it would be helpful if there were some explanation of the Widgets on the Widget page. Or somewhere. For example, what is What is Palatial MapKit? Meta? Tag Cloud? Is there any explanation anywhere of these mysteries?

  2. There is some widget information in the faq. For others - such as Palatial,, - there is a link in the widget to the external site.
    As for others, just add / remove and try things with them. Words are good, trying them is always better.

  3. Timethief has a walkthru on the widgets. Surprised she didn't post a link to it.

    Now you know how we feel when folks ask about stuff around here. Get tired of writing "Have no idea what you're talking about. Can you post a link please?" ;)

  4. drmike, you need to get the Signature add-on for FF. Set it up with the phrases you have to type over and over and over then just right click in the text box>Insert signature>click on the one you want and you're done. 8>}

  5. You haven't been around lately, have you?

  6. @russnichols
    Hopefully these will be helpful
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up

    The meta widget and the tag cloud widget are IMO self-explanatory. And as for the mapkit I'm surprised you could not find the link on the web and read about it there. Make maps of unique places on, a socially networked mapping platform which makes it easy to find, create, share, and publish maps and places

  7. Nope. Not a lot.

  8. Things have changed in the forums recently, specifically the operation of the forum help. Click around and you'll see the differences.

  9. As a new blogger - this is confusing..

  10. @chrissijo
    Can you articulate exactly what aspect of using widgets confuses you so we can help you?

  11. @chrissijo
    YAY! I see widgets in your sidebar so you seem to have worked this out. Happy blogging. :)

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