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Widgets for online blogger

  1. hi,
    I'm a relative amateur in blogging. I use the online version of wordpress. I was wondering how we can use the new widgets feature that I just saw in the news.

    blog in peace,

  2. Do you mean in your blog?

    Go to your dashboard -> Presentation.

    If the theme allows it there is a link called "Sidebar Editor" below the menu options.

    You can play with the widgets to your heart's content. :)


  3. hey,
    thanks for your help.


  4. Hi I'm also new. I'm using Regulus 2 and I can't find the widgets pop-up in the side bar editor. Regulus 2 can't support this feature or I'm missing something?


  5. It looks that at the moment Regulus 2 doesn't have widget support.

    It has been mentioned in another thread that the dev team is working to get widget support on all the themes :)


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