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    I’m wondering why WordPress is not allowing WP.com users to create widgets like contact us forms and many other useful widgets. When I went through Widgetbox, Many widgets found attracting to me, one specific widget is the contact us form. We know very well WP.com doesn’t have a feedback / contact us form available but even when we could get it from providers like widgetbox, We couldn’t use it. Same is the case with Plug ins. I’m finding most of the Add-on buttons feasible with WP.org only.

    Anyone please let me know any alternative way exists for creating widgets in WP.com.

    What in the world is stopping WP.com providing these to us???



    You can definitely send in a feedback through your admin for the widgets that you would find useful here! In terms of getting our own widgets up, this is not possible though. We have access to the ones that the staff test and approve that most users would like. I am not sure of the formula and don’t really know why certains ones come up and certain ones do not, but sending in a feedback requesting your favorites might help!

    Security is the main reason that we don’t get to put up our own widgets or have certain types of code in our blogs. If you require and need certain functionality not available here, you can always consider using the self-hosted version of WP available at wordpress.org as then you have full control over what is on your site. That is the only suggestion that I can think of.

    Hope that helps clarify.



    I think Widgets will be growing up so fast, and we really want WP.COM can allow people to use widgets from the others suppliers… some widgets i really want to use, just like “Translate” function, i try to use AltaVista or Yahoo Babel Fish, since they are using JAVA, i can’t use these…http://www.altavista.com/help/free/free_searchbox_transl….[and if you could create the widgets from one lang. to others, that’s great..cos Yahoo and AltaVista just can translate from ENGLISH to others!! : ( ]

    This is my one of suggestion



    just for note, the blix theme comes with its own contact form.

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