widgets gone bad…buttons every where

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    whenever i click the widget link in the appearence section of my dashboard sidebar, all the options of inactive or available widgets like blog stats, author grid, text, calendar etc have this “add” button written on their right side. And im unable to drag them to the sidebars. i have to click this “add” button and specify on a whole new page where i want it and in what order etc. so as to make it appear on the sidebar. Its a very slow process and very inconvenient:(
    Plus when i look into my sidebar all the active widgets have this “edit” button on their right sides too instead of the usual dropdown arrow and when i click this edit button , a new page appears and i have to change the settings regarding that widget on a new page…

    So is there any way to change this button back into those drop down arrows coz these are way too slow and inconvenient:(
    i use chaotic soul (theme)

    The blog I need help with is m3az.wordpress.com.


    Click Screen Options (top right) then click “Disable accessibility mode”.



    thanks alot:)

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