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    As far as I remember there has been a discussion/announcement about the possibility to place widgets right below an article.

    I can’t remember if it was an idea from a forum user or if the wp-staff said something about it. I searched the forum but can’t find it any more. Can anyone remember?

    Thanks for any help.




    I think that only applies to themes that display the sidebar in the footer, of which there are a few.



    Hi raincoaster,

    thanks for your answer. By using google with widget below site:http://en.blog.wordpress.com I was finally able to find Matts related posting.

    Under the post

    Anyway, one of the places we think is pretty under-used on our themes is the spot under the post and above the comments.

    A lot of users made good suggestions and I wondered what happend meanwhile or what the current status is at the moment.

    All I know of is the sphere widget that seems to be in existence by now. Unfortunately it’s only working on english blogs.

    I just wanted to know if we can look forward to some cool new widgets which could be added right below ones post like “Related posts from one’s own blog”. :)



    The sphere widget only works on English blogs? That’s something I didn’t know!

    Given that WP.org is releasing new code soon I would expect more changes here as well over the next two months. Summer is quiet in the blogosphere, so it’s a good time to launch new features. But I can’t say for sure, given that I’m not staff.



    The sphere widget only works on English blogs?

    Matt says so in the Announcement about sphere.

    Matt – Possibly an Announcement

    Right now this is just for English blogs, but we’re working on the technology to roll this out for every language we support. …

    Haven’t seen any updated comment about sphere on non-english blogs. As I own a german wordpress.com blog and haven’t seen sphere related links below my postings, I think it’s still only working with english blogs.

    Apart from that I’m more interested in “related postings from my own blog” than those added by sphere. That’s the main reason for my initial question.



    Ah, you read these things closer than me. No doubt you’ll be better prepared when the change hits!



    By the way, do you know if Matt is reading the forums?

    Do you have to contact support if you want to know the progress on “under the post” thingies?

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