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    Hi, folks in WordPresslandia,

    I recently changed to Benevolence and all has been well, thanks to forum help. I’m at a last bit. I take it that Widgets are the things in the sidebar, Archives, Categories, Whatevers. You can choose them under Design/Widgets, as I recall. Well, I never chose any, but Benevolence seems to come with its own set, specifically, a Search Box, Categories, Archives, and Links. None of these Widgets are ‘selected’ on their page in Design, so I can’t unselect them.

    I want to get rid of the Search box and Categories. Can I, using CSS, or are they fixed things, beyond deleting?

    Please forgive if this is a duplicate post. I thought I asked the question once, but now I cannot find the post!

    My blog shows different colors in different browsers! If you go look, you should not see any red in the links. If you do, could you tell me, please?



    Go to Design -> Widgets and add a widget of your own. This will remove all of your theme’s default widgets from the sidebars.

    You can then add back anything you would like to keep from the same screen.


    Wow, fast work, bubel!!! Thank you so much, Jan

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