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    Hey! So, I thought my blog was looking great, however, my partner just informed me that my twitter bar is on the left side on her computer, and is on the right side of mine. It is all cut off too. I checked on other computers in my house, and it is on the left and cut off :( Please help.

    The blog I need help with is yournakedlife.com.



    This seems to be restricted to your home page – all your other pages displayed correctly on my computer. Did you add any CSS code to your site?


    Not going to lie, I don’t know what that is, so I don’t think so? The only attempt I made with code was to make a quote of the day widget but realized it was for wordpress.org, not .com



    I’ll tag this for staff to follow up. They’ll be able to see if there’s perhaps a bit of rogue code somewhere messing things up. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a screen shot of what I see, in case this doesn’t show up when staff looks at your site: http://snag.gy/yUD2j.jpg

    Please subscribe to the thread and be patient while waiting for staff to respond.


    Thank you so much for checking it out, and the screenshot is accurate. It looks like that on everyone elses computer, but mine.

    This may be silly, I am new to computers, but do you thing maybe once we post something it will shift the sidebar over?



    I’ve no idea. But it isn’t supposed to do that at all in any case.

    I’ve tagged this for staff. They’ll hopefully be able to help you figure it out.



    Hi there,

    I’ve seen that issue pop up in the Oxygen theme before when the blog didn’t have any posts, and publishing a blog post resolved the problem. I see that you’ve published a post and now the sidebars are showing up in the right place for me. Are you still seeing anything out of place on your blog?




    I don’t know about the OP, but my side it’s displaying correctly now.



    Thanks for letting me know!


    I think it worked, you guys are wonderful!

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