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    I am totally new to this and would like to add several widgets to my site that are not listed under the widgets menu when you bring it up. I need a weather widget and realize it keeps disappearing when entered because only certain things are permitted. However, are widgets for wordpress pages limited to those listed in the widgets category? Can we add any from the world wide web? If so, how and which ones? Thanks!


    The blog I need help with is sarahandtanner.wordpress.com.


    I also would like to know this, because I REALLY want a “More like this” widget to keep my viewers clicking within my blog. I received an email that you all were working on something like that, but I don’t know the ETA of that coming out. I did a search for widgets on the blog, and the last update was in 2009! So, I’m not getting my hopes up, but I would like to add a “More like this” widget to the bottom of each post. I think blogger has one, but I LOVE wordpress!



    You can add several (non-script) third party widgets in your text widget. Can you be more specific to tell which type of widget you need to show on your blog.


    These are the widgets you can add:


    As for weather and other widgets, they need shorcodes and you’d do best to look at this other wordpress blog for help on widgets and how to use shortcodes:



    I am frustrated too. Why is that all my categories are not polulated in the drop down menu of the Categories Cloud widget I created. I need help. Thank you.



    Did you actually assign Categories to posts and publish those posts (not pages). If you didn’t then there is no data for the widget to display.
    Adding Categories with the Categories Module
    posts vs pages



    If you did assign categories to your posts then did you click the Categoy Cloud widget open it and configure it?

    Max number of categories to show:
    Category IDs, separated by commas.

    Minimum font percentage:
    Maximum font percentage:

    Count sub-categories in parent

    Select both the sidebar for this widget and the position of the widget in that sidebar.


    I think I found the answer, and I have fixed it. If one wants widgets to work well, make all post Public. When you make any post ‘ Private’ the widget drop down list in Categories dont work well. Correct me if I am wrong.



    That’s right “private” means private.

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