Widgets in Sidebar erase previous Sidebar contents

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    I’m using the Andreas04 theme. My site is http://stevebeigel.wordpress.com/.
    When I go to Design->Widgets, it says I’m not using any widgets. When I try to add one, it wipes out everything in the Sidebar that was previously there! I don’t see anyone else having this problem, so I must be a complete dunce. Help!

    – Steve



    is the about page supposed to be published in the sidebar of Andreas4???

    Steve if your still having problems….

    trying going to manage—>pages
    and goto your “about” page.
    and change it to unpublished or draft (temporarily)
    then see if you can add widgets.

    maybe their is a problem with the theme.(??)



    The About page can be unpublished, but the About info stays on the front page. I didn’t put it there, it just happened with the theme.



    I am guessing there is a prob with the theme
    I am getting the same result when i mess around with this theme.
    An about page strattles what is supposed to be two columns, and It wipes out any widgets other than a few.
    you could try to contact support (on monday-friday)

    if your in a hurry you could try another theme.

    I’ll tag this as a “bug”… maybe somebody else knows whats up with this.



    Thanks. I feel a little less stupid. The Sidebars seem to be located below the About info, where there are two columns of them. These are the ones that go bye-bye, whichever Sidebar I try to add a widget to.



    yes this time i got it to work.
    this is a left over blog i use for messing around with tech experiments:
    (the content is just gibberish)


    so i went to another theme. Then I switched back andreas4.
    I don’t know why but its working this time.



    Thanks, dlager. I will check it out later. I have to go out for the rest of the day (family commitments), but will try it when I get back.



    Dlager, I set up a test blog site and created a widget, then switched back and forth among different themes. No dice. The widget wipes out whichever sidebar it’s entered in (sidebar1, sidebar2). Theme didn’t seem to matter.


    If you have not added widgets to the sidebar (default when you begin a blog) there is a sample set that is shown in the sidebar so you can see what it looks like. Once you add one widget under design > widgets, the sample set disappears and you have to add the widgets you want back into the sidebar manually.



    Sacred, you da man! Thanks. Though now I don’t think I’m a dunce – I’m sure of it!

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