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Widgets in use, but not showing up

  1. Hi. I'm having a problem with the widgets. The list is showing up on the Design/Widgets page, and it shows which widgets I'm using. BUT: the widget choices don't show up to the right of the list (I'm using a 3-column theme), either when I select the right sidebar or the left/main sidebar. So, I can't remove or rearrange anything. Advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I see widgets on both columns of your blog?

  3. Yes, there's no problem with them showing on the blog. The problem is on the widgets section of the Design tab (does that make sense?).

    You know how when you choose the Design tab, and you get the page that has your theme on it, as well as the links to your widgets and stuff? Well, when I select "widgets" the list "available widgets" list shows up, but there's nothing under the "current widgets" section - which is a problem, because clearly, there should be widgets showing up there, since they're showing on the blog... (I really hope I haven't confused you, diamondfistwerny)

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