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Widgets keep going to default

  1. I tried to change the order of my widgets, and when I tried to save them they disappeared from the sidebar box and it was reset to default. I have tried several times to drag my widgets over, but it keeps happening. I cleared my cache, restarted my computer, and tried again. It still goes to default. What can I do to customize my widget display?



  2. What browser are you using? Version number as well please.

    You don't mention that you're clicking on the "Save Changes" button. Are you?

    You are coming in via a BellSouth IP address. I do know that BellSouth uses Proxy servers. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

  3. Thanks for your response! I went to a different computer (in the same house) and was able to save the changes. Just to answer your questions, I was indeed clicking the Save Changes button and I'm using Firefox/

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