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    I have been running the vigelence theme, and it was working great for most of the week. Then yesterday all of my widgets moved to the bottom of the page. So I tried a couple of different themes… same thing. I looked at this with Firefox and IE, on two different computers, same result. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is phitzone.wordpress.com.



    Come on, somebody has to know something here. Go check out http://phitzone.wordpress.com and see what I’m talking about.


    I think it is a couple of your “read more” tags.

    What you need to do when using the “more tag” is to NOT put it in or at the end of a paragraph, blockquote or an ordered or unordered list as it ends up separating the HTML tags for those. See the section in this support document near the bottom on more tag formatting issues.

    In the posts where you have the more tag at the end of a paragraph, move the more tags onto their own line like the more tag is a separate paragraph.



    Go to Admin, Settings, Writing and mark WordPress auto correct XHTML and click in save



    this is also my problem! ^^ thanks for the solution raul008!!

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