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Widgets mysteriously moved!

  1. All of my widgets have mysteriously dropped to the bottom of my page rather than being at the top where they have always been ... and I have not changed anything! Any ideas on how to get them back up where they are supposed to be?? Much thanks!

  2. This usually means that you have uploaded an image into a post that is too large for the blogging space and it has broken the layout. We cannot see your blog or help further because you have failed to post a link to it.

  3. The other reason can be bad HTML in one of your posts.

    To investigate this problem, I generally set my front page to only show a single post and then work backwards through the pages until I find the funny page.

  4. LLoyd, how about ?

    Mark, this is a kinda FAQ here, could we have it on FAQ blog?

    [I posted on "My sidebar went to bottom" here and on the JAWW about year and a half ago.]

  5. Sorry ... the link is

    Thanks for the help!

  6. Edit "can-we-talk-safety-for-a-minute" post;
    switch to the 'Code' pane;
    remove '<p>' from:
    <p><a href='' title='tsa_logo.gif'><img src='' alt='tsa_logo.gif' /></a>

  7. @options

  8. hey, TT!

    aside: those URLs begin to pissing me off as I turned off auto-redirects and it gets me nowhere till have to edit URL. another FAQ.

  9. Now, now --- don't get worked up. Just breathe deeply, follow your heart and visualize the optimum outcome happening. ;)

  10. Options, is great, but many people can't read the output.

  11. Thanks for sticking with me guys .... I've tried taking the <p> out of the code and nothing appears to have changed. I know pretty much zilch about HTML stuff to make heads or tails of the output stuff and am even more baffled because the blog was fine for a couple of weeks and the widgets 'suddenly' dropped before I had changed/added/removed anything. Maybe I'm just completely naive, but that's why I have a hard time believing that it's a picture file that's too big when it was apparently working fine before ..... Am I a lost cause???

  12. allanna, i was just opening your blog and i see the widgets and the side bar, up there, on the right.

    isn't it right?

    Categories, fav links, friends blogs, archives and search - right there on the right :)

  13. I can also see your sidebar in firefox in the correct place just like salamandrine says.

  14. How weird! Any way I open it, they all appear on the very bottom of the right hand side. This may be a stupid question, but does the view change depending on whether you have a "wide screen" screen or not???

  15. It shouldn't. What browser are you using, and what screen resolution?

  16. It's working fine for me as well, in both Firefox and IE. I even tried lowering the resolution to 800 x 600 and no problems. Could it be loading from your cache memory?

  17. I have no idea!!! I use IE ... and don't know how to tell what screen resolution nor whether it is loading from my cache memory :-7 At any rate, it seems to show up fine on everyone else's computers so maybe I just won't worry about it???? I'm stumped!!

  18. The screen resolution you can get from Control Panel -- > Display. I have a low resolution and sometimes things mess up for me on blogs that are designed by people using other browsers, because they just can't see what's going on in IE.

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