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    Hi, here’s a puzzle for you. I admin two parallel blogs, one in the Welsh language and one in English, hosted at the same WordPress account. Both are running Ari theme; both have one widget in the Primary Sidebar and the rest in the Secondary Sidebar. As far as I can see, all the settings are identical.

    The English site (http://plaidycymrucynonvalley.wordpress.com) looks fine – everything is present and correct. In the Welsh site, all the widgets are squeezed into the left hand side of the screen, and it looks terrible. I can’t figure out why the Welsh site isn’t displaying correctly. If you’ve got any suggestions, they’d be gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is plaidcymrucwmcynon.wordpress.com.

    (Also posted in the Widgets forum, but no reply yet.)

    The blog I need help with is plaidcymrucwmcynon.wordpress.com.



    Prynhawn da. :)

    I took a look and can see that there was some stray HTML causing the layout issue in your most recent post. I’ve remove that HTML so that your site’s layout is restored.

    You can read a little more about how to troubleshoot such issues, if it comes up again in the future, here:


    The HTML may have been accidentally copied over if you copied your post’s text from a third-party editor, such as Word. To avoid that happening again in the future, I recommend using the editor’s paste as Text button:


    Hope that helps out! We’re right here if extra questions come up too.


    Diolch yn fawr iawn! Dai usually sends the text as a .docx and I copy straight from there, so I’ll try that next time. Much appreciated!

    i’ve had great fun trying to come to terms with the character entity codes as well. It’s been a crash course in HTML since I started this blog. I call it Extreme Proofreading For Geeks. It’ll probably never catch on, but it’s been great all the same. I’m not even a Welsh speaker, so you can imagine the fun I’ve been having, can’t you?

    Pob hwyl! :-)



    As a Welsh learner, I can definitely empathise with the fun you’re having. :)

    We’re right here if extra questions come up while you get set up!


    The irony is that I’m actually a copy-editor and proofreader in English, but my ‘native’ language is a mystery to me, except for a few everyday phrases I remember from school. I keep promising to sign up for classes, but never seem to find the time. Thanks again for your help with the blog, it looks much better now and I’m not ashamed to tell people about it. :-)



    Perfect! I’m glad we could help and that your site is back to being share-worthy. :)

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