Widgets not showing in sidebar using Columnist theme

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    Hi, I’ve just set up a new blog in WordPress, been blogging for yonks in Blogger but thought I’d give this a go.

    I’m using Columnist and my widgets aren’t showing. I’ve tried posting more than one post, clearing my cache and enabling all five options under visibility for each widget. If I need to tweak the html in the template I can do that as I can do html.

    Any help grateful. Here’s the blog: Twirl

    The blog I need help with is judestwirlblog.wordpress.com.


    Aha, found a thread that asks the same question, now closed.

    Unfortunately, despite the fact that Columnist only displays sidebars on individual pages, it isn’t doing so on mine…



    Your widgets are showing. The labels “Sidebar 1/2/3/4” in Appearance > Widgets are wrong: The Columnist has footer widget areas, not sidebars.


    I still can’t seem them justpi, either in the footer of individual pages or on the home page. Would you do a screen shot to show me what they’re looking like at your end?



    The main posts page doesn’t display widgets. You’ve got 2 widgets on the single post view and 8 widgets on static pages. If you’re not seeing them, clear your browser’s cache.


    Justpi, thanks for taking the trouble to answer and help :) Would you take a screenshot of a static page with the 8 widgets showing? I’ve already cleared the cache as I stated in my OP and can’t see any widgets on any pages anywhere…


    Has anyone else got any ideas on this? I can’t see my widgets in the footer…please help!


    I had a light bulb moment and I’ve sorted it out myself. Nothing to do with the cache. Nothing to do with the visibility drop down boxes. It was because I hadn’t added a title in the title box. So the widgets *were not* showing before, but now they are. Adding this in case anyone else has the same problem.



    Sorry, you’re wrong. First, widget titles are optional: the widgets work perfectly alright when untitled. Second, if your widgets were not showing before, how come I could see them and count them?


    First, all I can say is they weren’t working at my end either logged in or out, until I added titles. I have no idea why that is. Second, I haven’t got a clue, sorry. Anyway, thanks for all your help, problem solved :)

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