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Widgets Not Showing Up

  1. I just added the search and word cloud widget to my home page, and now they--plus all the others (FB, twitter, blog roll, etc.) won't show up. They're on my other pages at (this is a blog; I just paid to customize the title). Can somebody help me to get them to show up?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I went to other sections of your blog and noticed the widgets appearing, so my best guess is that you have invalid HTML somewhere, like an unclosed tag. The following reply by timethief explains how to fix it:

  3. Thank you for your help. I tried that--checked that box on the writing page, and then made some minor changes to the post and saved it. When I looked at the post via "View Post" inside WordPress, it worked: the widgets showed up. Then I go to a new window on and they don't show up again. Any other ideas? I really appreciate your help.

  4. This appears to be the post that poses a problem and that needs to be minor-changed and saved:

  5. I did that--changed a few things, saved; tried that twice--and again the same: shows up on the inner frame of Word Press, but in a new window, no love again. Ugh. Any other ideas? Again, thank you.

  6. You appear to have several posts with that problem. Keep doing it for each post until your homepage shows OK.

  7. @airodyssey
    I am using Firefox 3.6.12
    When I click this blogger's link I do not see a gray colored navigation bar at the top of the blog. Do you see one?

    When I view the footer I can see no information at all. The "blog at" link and the web designer's link are not in evidence.
    Can you see them?

  8. @timethief: I see the navbar and the "Blog at" link, but only on the posts dimitydavis fixed, like this one.

  9. @airodyssey
    Thanks for that link. I'm seeing them now and I think this may be an issue caused by the upgrade.

    Please file a support ticket with Staff using this link >

  10. I use the Vigilance theme as well and all my posts and widgets are fine. I just thought it was because the code was messed up on several pages. But if you want to find out for sure, yes, a support ticket can do good :-)

  11. @airodyssey
    Ahh ... I see. Well as your Vigilance theme blog doesn't have this problem then I agree with you. The problems are likely caused by bad HTML that will have to be corrected by the blogger.

  12. Thank you, thank you. I fixed a couple recent ones and am good to go. Thank you for your time and my next life, I'm coming back with as much wordpress knowledge as you guys have. :)

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