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    (I’m posting this in a new post since I see it was “resolved” where I had originally put it.)

    I’m having a problem with my widgets. Yesterday I imported from old blogger and until the import I could move the widgets all over the place, now I can’t. I have a 2nd blog that I also imported from old blogger a week ago and I can move the widgets without a problem. I’ve tried changing themes, but that just made it worse and now I’ve lost all my pre-wet widgets prior to the import. Can anyone help me?




    You can just change it back to “Unresolved” if it’s your thread originally. Sorry I can’t help you with the widgets, except to suggest you search the forum; there was a great deal of widget strangeness recently.



    May also want to tell us what browser, browser version and OS you’re using.

    edit: Just for reference, please don’t spam the forums. One post about an issue is plenty. :)



    sorry, I didn’t mean to spam the forums. But after posting I realized that it said it was resolved and I didn’t know if resolved meant it was filed off somewhere in never-never land and I’d be widget-less forever. Regardless, they are working now! HOORAY! :-)



    Not a problem. We just have folks who come by here and make 10 posts of the same thing every couple days. We try to keep a clamp down on it. :)

    Not sure how it could have been marked resolved. Only you, myself or a staff member could have done it and I’ll only do it when there’s an actual follow up in the thread saying that it’s been resolved by the original poster.

    I am glad you got it working though. There have been reports of issues with IE7 in teh past. Gotta admit that it’s one of teh reasons why i keep a copy of netscape 7.2 on my laptop.


    edit: I also mark threads that should be over at wp.org as resolved. Just realized that.

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