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    The 2 widgets on the left sidebar of my Andreas09 theme do not show up in Design->Widgets.
    On the dropdown I have a Main Sidebar but no widgets.

    I am using Firefox and have cleared cache, cookies and history several times. I have reloaded the page afterwards. I don’t think it’s a problem with the browser.

    I believe it is the way the left sidebar in Andreas09 is coded. Apparently WordPress isn’t picking up that the two widgets, Category and Archives, are there.

    Is anyone else getting the same thing with the Andreas09 theme?


    Try force refreshing the page and see if they will show up (view menu > reload or refresh).



    Thanks. I tried that. Didn’t work.

    I’ve flushed the browser of everything and even rebooted. Nothing worked.

    I looked at the source code for Andreas09 and I think I can see the problem, but there is no way to correct it here.

    I just wanted to see if others using this theme were having the same problem.



    hmmm all my widgets seem to be there.
    I have noticed that the page archice widgets appears to be archiving current pages and the child pages attached to them. I don’t think this is correct as only the child page should be, no?
    Seems strange to have the current page and the (archives) child page there.

    using IE6.0



    Ummm something else weird is when I select Unused widgets, there are 9 category widgets, one is labeled “All good”??
    Do not remember seeing so many before the change, but could have not noticed?



    Do you have widgets on both the left and right sidebars? And are the ones on the left showing up when you go to Design->Widgets?

    I’m not sure about you question on the page archiving. I believe there have always been 9 widgets, but I don’t know of any that were labeled “All good”. I changed all my widgets to 20, but that was on an independently hosted blog.

    I’ve checked out the problem I mentioned in both IE6 and FF2.0. I get the same results in both.



    Yes I have widgets on both sides and the left ones show up after you select designs>widgets>main bar(drop down menu)>show
    Seems OK to me ;)



    I’m running into a similar problem in the new dashboard. I use widgets on both sides (right and left) of my 3-column Andreas9- and Garland-template blogs. However, the new dashboard recognizes the widgets on only one side. On the both templates, I can edit the main (left) sidebar, but not the right sidebar.

    Existing (previously created) widgets still show up in the right sidebar on my blogs, but I can only add to or edit the widgets on the left sidebar. The dashboard doesn’t think the ones on the right side exist.

    Any suggestions?


    I had some problems with 9 and the right sidebar, but what I did, was switch to the right sidebar and then click the show button on both the available widgets and the right sidebar columns a couple times and then things corrected. I can now see all the widgets in my right bar and can edit, add and move them.




    I have the same problem but just opposite sidebars. No matter what I do the widgets are not recognized in the left sidebar. (Mine says “Main sidebar” and not “Left sidebar” though.) I have a Categories widget and an Archives widget in the Left sidebar. They show up fine on the blog.

    I was thinking that the problem must be with the theme because I have another blog with 3 columns and the widgets show up fine in the sidebars.

    The solution, as I see it, is to wait for the theme author to correct the theme or switch to another theme with 3 columns.

    I am tempted to upgrade one of my independently hosted blogs to ver. 2.5 and use the Andreas09 theme just to see where the problem is. I would be using a different version of WordPress, so it might not prove much and I really don’t want to upgrade the sites where I have everything working.

    I’ll try adding the same widgets to my blog here and see what happens.



    Ok, I went ahead and added a Categories widget and an Archives widgets to my Left sidebar, (which WordPress says is my Main sidebar). They show up in the same spot on the blog, although the look of the categories changed. They also now show up on Design->Widgets.

    This doesn’t solve the problem of why they were displaying in the first place, but at least they are there now and I can edit them.

    If you have any special widgets where you added some html for example, you might want to wait before doing this and see if the theme gets updated.



    When I open the widget, I only get half a box. I can see edit but cannot change anything inside the box. Once opened, all it says is cancel. I can see part of what is in there but i cannot edit it.

    SP I did the same thing you mentioned and still nothing. I know others in the forum are having this issue so I will check there also.


    The half widget problem is peculiar to IE6 and 7 and I’m certain staff will get it fixed. In the meantime, download and use Firefox for our blogging, and once the problem is fixed, if you want to, you can uninstall Firefox.

    On the sidebars with Andreas09, again a switch to FF might help. It’s worth a try.



    Yes well unfortunately I cannot use FF on my machine…. but I was able to edit the widget…

    Here is what I did:
    Clicked on the edit but on the widget I wanted to change
    The box opened but only showed half the box
    I put the cursor on the last character of the exisiting (quote) character in the box and used the backspace key to remove the existing text.
    I moved the widget box slightly to the left so I could view the whole box
    Once that was verified to be empty, the (unstable) widget bounced back to the widget column
    At this point I put the cursor back in the bax and rigth clicked to “paste” the new text
    After a few seconds, the widget bounced back into place, was not able to click change as the cursor would not allow that
    I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the list and clicked save changes

    Voila… it saved the changes and the new “random thought” in the widget box. Where there is a will there must be a way right ;)

    Not sure if this will work for other themes, but moving the box slightly to the left helped open it up fully and allow me to change the text.

    The “SAVE” does not happen until you scoll down to the bottom and “Save Changes”.
    Hope this helps :)



    I’m almost afraid to say this, but I haven’t had these problems; everything is exactly as it was before the change-over (thank GOD). I just played around quickly with some of the suggestions above to see if the same issues exist for me, but they don’t. I’m using Andreas09 as well.

    One thing I’ve learned over the last week or so reading through these forums and the issues people are having: copy and paste everything you have in your text widgets to another document on your computer! That’s where I discovered (so far anyway) the only issue I’ve had – I can’t highlight or CtrlA in my text widgets to select all the code to be copied; so I literally took screen shots of all of them just in case.



    Ok i have the same original problem of free2beme2 but with another twits which means I cant add the widgets for them to appear in the Design > widgets.
    I was using DIgg 3 with 14 widgets. When I switched to Andreas09, the blog had the default categories categories and archives on the left, but main and right sidebars were empty whn I clicked on “show”. Now the other problem is that the 14 widgets I was using appea but do not bear with the “add” section because the dashborad seem to think they are on the sidebar already (as they were in digg 3). but again, clicking on “show” shows nothing, and the website itself does NOT display any of my widgets. So I cannot add the categories and archives widgets because wordpress think they are there but does not display them. I hope somebody can help (for the time being Ive reverted to Digg 3)



    I am using andreas 9, Firefox portable apps.
    What helps me I think, is clicking on save changes at the bottom of the page, and not bothering with the buttons at the bottom of the widget box. Also clicking save changes, once I have added a widget, before I open it or enter anything.

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