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    Hello, I tried to solve the problem of my widgets appearing on the bottom of the page instead of at the sidebar by looking though the forums, but they didn’t help much.

    I first noticed this recent problem a few weeks ago. With much trial and error, I discovered that if I deleted the posts which were created after the broken template, the widgets went back to their proper place! So I assumed that it was the coding of the entries which were corrupt.

    Next, I checked the code for the entries. It seems that wordpress now uses <div> instead of the <p align> tags. Can anyone explain why to me?

    So, I just left the blog with the correct template and 2 deleted entries for a while before I blogged “GUESS WHICH CLANNAD GIRL I LIKE BEST”. I used the post editor, and thus the coding tags were <div> and everything came up fine.

    However, my latest post, which was also done using the post editor, spoilt the template again. I tried changing the <div> tags to <p align> but it didn’t work.

    I also tried cleaning up the code for all the entries on the front page but the problem still persists. If you click the link for ‘older entries’, you will find that the template is working. So the problem must lie with the latest post.

    Can anyone help? Thanks


    Go back and edit each post, and in code view, put “</div>” (without the quote marks) before the “continue reading” tag code. You’re probably going to have to do that with most posts you’ve done over the past month since the editor seems to be really messed up for a while.



    I did that for the latest post and my second latest post went to the sidebar. Then, I tried to reverse that by going back to edit the latest post but couldn’t find the “</div>” tag anywhere. I saved, returned, and found the template working again… Thanks, but I wonder what’s happening…


    As I said there is a lot of this happening and – I’m speculating – it’s either something with the TinyMCE editor WordPress is using, or with the WordPress implementation of the editor.



    Pick a theme that displays them at the bottom



    Watex, that wasn’t the problem. If you don’t know the answer, go play a video game or something or watch TV.

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