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    Hi !

    I wonder how my widget’s in sidebar half shows in the original place on the left sidebar and the other half of my widgets have moved to the end of my page? how can I get it back on the left sidebar back again?

    please Help!

    The blog I need help with is letstrycreating.com.




    Thank you!

    Can you also help me to understand how can I display my sidebar’s in all pages?


    It’s not possible to put sidebars on all your pages with this theme.

    Widget areas and placement are determined by the theme you’re using. In this case, you’re using Adelle, and that particular theme only offers one widget area in the posts list sidebar.



    Hi Denise!

    When I initially started blogging by default my sidebar was appearing everywhere, I remember then asking for help here at support to get rid of it from everywhere to only on the homepage however sadly I am unable to find that support answer that initially changed the command for the sidebar.


    Is this the thread you’re looking for?

    By the way, you can find all your previous threads by clicking where it says ‘Member’ under your name beside your posts, or by clicking your name where it says, ‘Welcom, hobnobnoor!’ at the top right of the forum screen when you’re logged in. Hope that helps!



    Wow Thank you Denise :)



    #secondary {
    display: none;

    .home #secondary {
    display: block;

    so with this command I am restricting my sidebar only to home page right? but now to allow the sidebar on other pages too what changes do I make here on the above command? can you help me on that please …!



    If you want the sidebar on all pages, you simply remove all of the above.

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