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    I’m using the Vault9 Theme… I’d like my Widgets to only show up on the Static front page. Right now it’s on every page… is this a possible change?

    The blog I need help with is jeffbordes.wordpress.com.


    That was the way the theme author designed it and there is no way to change that.



    Do you have a (similar) theme you’d suggest?


    The thing is, there are some themes that show the widgets on the main blog page (the one with the posts) and not on pages that you create, but not the other way around.

    Typically the sidebars are controlled by one section of the CSS so you cannot hide them on individual pages. It would require some serious PHP work on the underlying theme files and we do not have access to those.



    Themes like Connections, Kubrick and few others on WP show the sidebar only on home page! But that is not a good thing dear! Why want to remove it!

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