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    So I noticed in the forum that someone asked about putting something in the widget but wordpress editing it. I have run across something like this. I was going to add a widget from blogcatalog that shows recent viewers as well as one that was from petfinder that showed available animals. I saw something about certain things being not allowed like flash, which by the way, I have no idea what that is. So my question is really verifying that maybe what I’m trying to add to my sidebar is actually a restricted thing or not. What do you think?



    Flash and javascript are not allowed, and I believe that it’s common to use javascript in the kinds of widgets you’re trying to add. Just look through the code and see if the word “javascript” appears anywhere in it. If it does, it won’t work at WP.com. If the site offers an HTML-only version of the widget, use that and it should work fine.

    Basically the best way to find out if a widget works is just to try it. Nothing will break if it doesn’t work.

    There are also several threads in the Off-Topic forum on different widget codes you can use here that have been tested. Try doing a search for “Codes for WordPress” and you should find a couple.



    Thanks raincoaster. Even though I may not be able to have some of what I want on my page, at least I know I’m not losing my mind when what I try and save in a text widget and it dissapears.

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