Widgets showing at bottom of page, not on the side

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    Hi, I am having a problem with my page. I am using the “Connections” theme, which is a 2 column fixed width. The problem is, after I made my most recent post, my side bar of links disappeared, and I found them at the bottom of the page, rather than on the side. Even if I switch themes, Most of the time, the sidebar is at the bottom of my posts, rather than next to them like it is supposed to be. Any ideas how to fix it?
    Here is my page http://hkudla.wordpress.com/
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    Does anyone around here use the search function? You’ve probably got an open <div> tag in the post, likely around the use of the more tag.



    I think that was it. I ended up going in, and getting rid of my more tag and a couple of other things, then under visual cleaned up the code. That seemed to take care of it. My side bar reappeared!
    thanks! I didn’t know that it might have centered around the more tag. Now I will know what to look for the next time!

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