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Widgets sit on the bottom of page instead of top

  1. Hello there,

    I have a problem with my side widgets. Instead of staying at the top right of the page next to the newest post, they sit at the bottom next to the first post. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

    My blog address is
    Thanks :)

  2. It looks fine in Safari and Firefox 2.0. What browser is it showing up wrong for you?


  3. At my work on Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180

    Also happens at home on IE but can't tell you the version at this time

  4. From reading the forums, it seems like this is usually an issue of an image in a post being too wide. You could try resizing those pretty big pics and see what happens :-)

  5. I think it might be because of your text widget you put in there. If you drag it out (of the widgets) and off the site to test it, does it still show up wrong for you? Does it look that way for you only on the main page or on all individual posts as well? If it is the text widget, we can try and fix that afterwards!


  6. Quick way to test out Judyb12's suggestion would be seeing how this post (with no photo) looks for you:


  7. yep definitely must be the pics. that post looks fine.

    thanks heaps for your help :)

  8. Good call judyb12!


  9. Just for reference since Judy mentions a method of telling, I usually do right clicks of of the post titles and open them up in new windows. That's how I tell quickly which post is causing the issue.

    We had one a couple of weeks ago where the text within the post was a table that was causing the issue. That was kind of hard to figure out by just looking at the page.

  10. I could have been an "image" issue, if it's too big it causes the sidebar drop or perhaps html codes into your text widgets isn't correct? Looking at your blog now, there's isn't a problem for me, I'm using a Mac.

  11. I think she figured it out.

    It's usually an IE issue.

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