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Widgets, updating, and FTP

  1. Ok, one and all, I’ve read through a lot of forum pages, and as a measure of last resort, I thought I’d post my questions in here for the masses to help answer for me. I’m working on updating my webpage, and I’d like to add a few custom plugins/widgets to help make the site look better. On previous posts I’ve seen, it says to go on the left side in the control panel and head to plugins > add….the problem is that’s not available on the drop down list. There's a button that says appearance, which opens into widgets, however, it does not say "add" at all. Is this a function of my theme (I’m using matala) or would my version of WordPress be outdated?

    If this is the case, I’m unsure how to check the version of wordpress I’m using. I’ve looked at the source code (by going through a browser), and wasn’t able to find it. I’ve also read that wordpress will tell you in the control panel, but I’m not seeing it. Additionally, I’m curious to know what wordpress is updating…would this update reset my theme and content?

    Which leads me into the next problem on my agenda…using FTP. I’m unsure how to setup an FTP account for my site so that I can upload plugins/widgets, perform backups, etc… In the forums, it said for me to contact the website hosting company to get the FTP website information as well as the login information. I’m unsure who this is, because we purchased an upgrade from within wordpress itself. So I have no information in regards to the website, or login information. If this is the same as my wordpress login or do I need to actually create another login?
    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. The website is


    The blog I need help with is

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