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    HI, I am trying to create a widget to link my pozible site. I have created the URL from the pozible site and created the widget on my site. I have followed the instruction to a tee. The problem is, when I paste my created URL into the widget it won’t save – when I click save it disapears.
    Please help. I have done everything correct. Thank you. Liza

    The blog I need help with is insanitybeyond.wordpress.com.


    If the code is disappearing, then the code syntax is probably wrong. Paste the code you are using here between code tags so that we can take a look at it for you.

    <code>Put your code here</code>



    Hi and thanks,
    The same thing is happening with my twitter url…
    This is for pozible.
    <iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”http://www.pozible.com/widget/project/21758/2/115079″ width=”220px” height=”420px”></iframe>


    For security reasons, iframes are not allowed at WordPress.com.


    The image from that iframe can be used and linked back to pozible and you can add the text and such below it. That doesn’t get you the dynamic information at the bottom though.



    Hi, yes that’s what I am after, the image to be linked back to pozible. What code do I use for that to happen?. Currently I have the Pozible logo up and that’s it, it doesn’t link to pozible. Help pretty please. :)
    What do you mean by dynamic information at the bottom?


    In the image widget, add the URL to pozible. If you want it to go to the main page at pozible.com, then use this URL: http://www.pozible.com .

    If there is another page at pozible you want it linked to, just visit that page in your browser, copy the URL in your browser address bar and use that URL in the image widget.

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