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    My blog is http://nosleepingdogs.wordpress.com/
    Today after I added a post, I found that the widgets on the main page had disappeared and the next-to-last post is running in that narrow column at the right previously occupied by the widgets.

    The About page still has the correct layout, http://nosleepingdogs.wordpress.com/about/

    What on earth is going on?

    I use Cutline theme, have for over a year, no problems ever.

    The blog I need help with is nosleepingdogs.wordpress.com.



    My guess is, it’s the last post; you’ve failed to close all the tags in it. Check out the suggestions in these threads for other suggestions:




    Thank you very much, I was able to find and fix the problem: an errant single “div” tag, apparently.

    For others who may find this, the threads raincoaster linked to contain the suggestion that you change your “Reading” option in the Dashboard to put one post on each page; then go through them to see at what point the problems started. For me it was with the last post. I kept a copy of it, then deleted it (I use an offline composing app, Marsedit) and started testing that individual post. Uploaded without the two side-by-side images solved the problem, so then I looked for anything out of place in the code of the two images. There was that lonely “div” tag.

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