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    I have purchased CSS and I want to know how to color the background and the font of my widgit. I have the theme silver is the new black and my blog name is http://cpdn.wordpress.com/ I also want to know how to make my font lower case and not all capitals. I want to be able to do like http://mike92.wordpress.com/ did. Any help is great, thanks in advance.



    It’s generally not recommended that you spend the money on CSS unless you already know CSS pretty well. The Preview lets you practice for free before purchasing it. You might want to ask staff to give you your money back until you’ve practiced up a lot more. Here are some resources for learning:

    And here’s a whole list:



    No. I am not going to ask for my money back. I know how to use it, I am just asking one question. Have you even looked at my blog? I have a custom header, background, working on an image to put on it and custom text. Only thing I don’t know is custom widget. I did not ask for your critisim, only for help.



    You have a custom background because I told you how to make it, btw. Please don’t post twice on the same subject. I close this one and you can continue the conversation here: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=25077&replies=5

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