Width and Font in Ambiru, with CSS or Not?

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    Hello! I have done a little forum searching about my new project and have discovered that I probably want to get the CSS upgrade in order to change the color of the sidebars in my second blog’s Ambiru theme from that dull grey. But there are two more things I would like to do. Can anyone tell me if it is possible in Ambiru, using the CSS upgrade (or otherwise), to (1) modify the column width and (2) modify the font type, size, and color? What is built-in is too small and hasn’t enough contrast to easily read.

    I have the CSS upgrade for my first blog and changed any number of things, but it’s been four or five years and I will need to refresh my understanding; I found the wordpress stickies for reviewing all that and will use the links. However, I think I know that what one can do is limited in some ways by the theme one is using, so that is why I ask my particular questions about Ambiru. None of the links in the info base seemed to address particularly that.

    My name is linked here to my first blog, but here is the address of my new one, in case you want to look at how it already is before answering my (1) and (2) above: https://whitelilyfiction.wordpress.com

    Thank you very much! I hope I was clear enough!

    The blog I need help with is thewhitelilyblog.wordpress.com.



    1) No

    2) Yes. http://en.support.wordpress.com/editors/font-size-color/

    But if you change themes, you will have to go back and change things paragraph by paragraph throughout your entire blog. VERY annoying.



    Sorry 1) Not possible without the upgrade. Possible WITH the upgrade, if you already know CSS. Test your changes on the free Preview and don’t buy the upgrade until you can make the changes you want, because you are on your own with CSS changes, generally speaking.


    So I conclude your gracious answer to my tortured question is both width and the font/size/contrast can be changed with CSS? Will be trying it with the free preview and won’t buy the upgrade until I see if it can be done. That’s a worthwhile tip, for sure! If it’s okay, will leave this unresolved until I see how that goes. Thanks so very much!!!


    I meant to say, ‘until I see if it can be done by ME.’ Bit of a difference there.



    Oh yes, easy! Already found the font size for the body, and changed the line spacing, and part of the width. So it can be done, and probably, with patience, by me. I have to use the trial-and-error method, but I only want a few changes and although I don’t know CSS at all, simply substituting values for existing ones and then looking at the result seems to work just fine.

    Thanks a lot! Marking ‘resolved’ and going back to play with it.



    Good luck. I don’t tinker with CSS myself, so I’m always warning people to try it before they pay.

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