width of content not 100% after sidebar removal

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    Hi all, I am currently updating a website. I am struggling with a theme in wordpress. I believe it has come down to my extreme lack of .php knowledge.
    I have a theme with a right sidebar. I have a few pages that I would like to remove the sidebar.

    I have created a new .php page and have removed the sidebar. I am using this as a second theme within the first theme. I added this code:
    <?php /* Template Name: New Template Name
    */ ?>

    It is working as far as removing the sidebar. The problem I am having is that the content still thinks the sidebar is there and will not stretch across the page.

    http://colortude.com/ <— with sidebar

    http://colortude.com/shop/ <— without sidebar

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi. You have a self-hosted WordPress blog and are in the wrong forum. Please ask your question at http://wordpress.org/support

    You are currently in a forum for blogs hosted by WordPress.com and our answers will not apply to your situation. Thanks and I hope you find a solution to your problem soon.



    oops, thanks

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