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    I get wierd pingback comments on all of my blogs, all of them from some web address (that I cannot write down without the forum thinking I’m a spambot >.<) that points to an non-existing website. It’s like they just copy-pasted a line in the article using the same syntax as the pingbacks.
    I get this on two of my blogs, both of the ones with a bought domain (one bought via WordPress.com and one bought via a webhost for a .org server) and on both it messes up my comments by constantly saying I have one new comment, even thou I marked it as spam or even removed it.
    It pops up two-three times per week on both blogs, and akismet misses it every single time.

    Can I block comments from a single source, or is there any way to get rid of this?

    The blog I need help with is thetorchslguide.com.


    They are exactly the same as spam comments and are machine generated. They are hoping you will let them through to the main comments section of the site so that people will click on them and go to their site, or at the very least you will click on them.

    The thing is it takes a while for the spam filters to identify a pattern as many of these trackbacks will come from many different IP address. I’ve had the link and the message be identical on several of these, but each one of them had a distinct IP address.

    Keep marking them as spam so that the spam filters can identify patterns and such and then adjust to stop them.

    Also, go to settings > discussion and set it so that all first-time comments require moderation. That will keep them from possibly getting onto your blog.


    We already have all comments on moderation ;)

    But as I said before, the links doesn’t lead anywhere, so why hope that people will click them?


    Sometimes the bots aren’t programmed correctly, or perhaps the site has been shut down and the domain name has been confiscated, or perhaps…

    Who knows with spammers? They aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer by any stretch of the imagination.


    So they keep their spambots on for months after their site has been pulled off? Anyway, I’m marking it all as spam to help Akismet recognize it, but in the process, a lot of legit pingbacks ends up there. For every spam-ping there’s three legit ones ending up in the spamfilter… Hopefully, moving the right posts out and the wrong ones into the spam folder will help them… Thanks for the answers!



    Spambots are robots, so they keep chugging away.

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