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    Hello! I have a wierd image-problem.

    I did upload a bunch of images on my blog. But then i understood that those were too big and ate up peoples computer memory. so eliminated those photos from my blog, edited them to smaller versions on my computer, uploaded them again on my blogg.

    now people who uses internet explorer (firefox-users doesnt seems to have the problem anymore) still complains about the giant pictures. the wierd thing is that i have deleted the bigger versions from my blog memory! what can i do to make the real uploaded small pictures showing on my visitors browsers, and not the big ones that i uploaded in the first?

    this is the actual post by the way, look and judge for yourself if the pictures is fucked up or not.

    thanks on fore-hand – olle in Stockholm



    The pictures look fine to me (on Internet Explorer). They are 448 × 336 pixels. Perhaps those visitors have an old version of your blog cached on their hard drive; you might consider recommending them to clear their cache.



    Force clearing a browser:
    Linux F5
    Windows ctrl F5 (IE or FF)
    Mac cmd-shift-R (FF)


    Thanks mates! it actually worked :-)


    in the future, when you upload new images, you might want to rename them (e.g. lianudden2.jpg) so that the cache doesn’t come into play.



    how d’you get that avatar thing beside your comments?



    The question you asked is not on topic in this thread and when you post off topic into a thread it’s considered to be “thread jacking”. You could find the answer to your question by typing “avatar” into the forum search box but I’m going to give it to you here because we all make mistakes when we are new.
    -> Dashboard – > Users -> Your Profile (this is where you upload an image to be used as an avatar – it is not displayed instantly, it takes some time to show up. :)
    This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources.

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