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Wierd insertion of yellow smiley faces

  1. I was looking back at one of my posts, and there were smiley faces substituting for the number 8, it seems, in this post (

    I went to the edit page and checked visual and html versions. No sign of anything different happening at those locations.

    I haven't checked all of my old posts to see where else this might crop up yet.

    Anybody any ideas or experience with this.

  2. In your dashboard, go to settings>writing and uncheck the formatting box that says convert emoticons to graphics

  3. Or, if you like the other smileys but just want to get rid of the unwanted 8) one, use your html editor and insert <i></i> between the 8 and the ).

  4. Ooooh, clever!

  5. I've been avoiding filters on forums for a long time with that technique.

  6. Splain?

  7. Oh, well it's just that lots of the forums I hang out on tend to have funny (or irritating, depending on how you look at it) automatic filters (e.g. socks becoming SOX!) But if you do the <i></i> trick, you can avoid the filters and have control over your posts.

  8. Thanks, I will try your suggestion (haven't been around for a few days)...

  9. I think the original poster fencer has a point. I do have my blog set for the use of smilies but since we have the new WP platform I have found that the number 8 is mistaken for a smiley, i.e. it seems to be read as a parentheses.

    I believe it is a legitimate bug in the new system that the staff should address.

    Thanks for reading

  10. Thanks a lot Vivian and Ros for your tips! These smilies were driving me nuts...

  11. this still happens to me when it is not supposed to every since the new dashboard installation. everytime I go to label an mp3 as follows:

    name of song - artist (1968)

    it displays as:

    name of song - artist (19 smiley face)

    Again, there IS a bug that needs to be repaired. I do not want to turn off smileys because I sometime use them. But I also should be able to label a song as being released in (1968) and use the parens as I was able to do before the new dashboard.


  12. Don't put 1968 in parentheses then.

  13. that maybe -- but (1998) is not! And I put NO SPACE between the second 9 and the 8.
    The old version (under the old dashboard) knew how to distinguish. This version does not.
    I just wrote support for what it is worth. Maybe if someone other than me writes them they will realize it is a problem and fix it - but I won't hold my breath.

    Thanks. Have a nice weekend.

  14. I put the paren in for clarity and (duh) yes I always have to remove it since the script is malfunctioning. I hope you were replying to me in jest TSP. I get tired of people insulting my intelligence in this forum.

    God bless

  15. roseclarke -You tip sounds promising. I will try it out

  16. How about ( 1968 )? Extra spaces?

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