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Wierd theme error


    Note where it shows "Share this:PrintEmailPress" at the end of the first summary. This is not part of the post, it is apparently coming from an error in the theme somewhere.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. See note #3 below for an explanation and a workaround:

  3. Okay, I read it. I'm not sure I understand what it means relative to what I am seeing since the "Share this:PrintEmailPress" is not from the blog posting at all. It seems to be an artifact of the sharing module showing up in a strange place.

    Can you clarify how the note you reference plays into what I'm seeing. I just don't get it (isn't the first time, won't be the last).


  4. Oh, and it does seem to be peculiar only to the zBench theme.

  5. I am not seeing that. What browser are you using? I'm on Chrome.

  6. I think what is happening is that the content of that first post is very brief, so the excerpt in the archives is picking up the Share button code.

    You might want to mention this to Support directly as only they have access to the back end of our blogs. enter anything in the search box and then click "no" if the contact form does not appear.

  7. Raincoaster, I am using FF v6, but it also happens in Safari, and it is even worse in Opera.

    JustJennifer, thanks for the link. I'll send them a note.

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