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    Is there anyway to merge, import, or the such a wiki to WP? Is there a way one can have the ability to show the wiki page on WP and still have the ability to edit and add pages, even anonymous posters? I know that I can add a link to Wiki site, but that isn’t going to work very well with this project. I also know that for someone to add or edit at WP they must have admin abilities, also something that wouldn’t work. So can anyone help me?

    Thank you very much.



    The functionality you’re asking for is already on a wiki site, so I’m not clear as to why you want it here. Could you clarify?

    And no, it’s not possible to get a blog to function like a wiki.



    I agree with raincoaster. It sounds like you want a wiki to me or perhaps a forum. But you already have a wiki and a blog is neither a wiki nor a forum.
    P.S. There is free forum software available on the net.



    Well wiki is not letting me import my WP, and I have tried, I keep getting error message “Could not connect to blog server, please verify that your username and password are correct” which I did several times, only to get the same reply. Perhaps I should look into forum software, and if you have any suggections of some decent ones please let me know. Thank you all for your help.



    Automattic – (creators of this service) have a great forum software that I personally spend all my free time on with bbPress. It is the software that runs this particular support forum we are posting in.


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