wild west domains blocking domain transfer

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    Wild West domains blocking domain transfer. They are rejecting the transfer from my hosting company (BlueHost)

    Why WordPress.com (automattic) would be using this horrible company (A GoDaddy Affiliate) is beyond reason.

    It is not within the 60 days, etc. but entirely withing the TOS of GoDaddy. GoDaddy Wild West are odious, Any suggestions to how to extricate the registry from these skum?
    Blog url: http://kaitlinjbell.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is kaitlinbellbarnett.com.


    and yes, I went here:

    Domain Management — Support — WordPress.com http://bit.ly/MzrOHN

    but through the BlueHost Domain transfer control panel I am recieving this message:

    Transfer kaitlinbellbarnett.com – Transfer Initiated – Step 4 of 4
    Domain: kaitlinbellbarnett.com
    Current Status: Rejected by Wild\ West\ Domains\,\ Inc\.
    Transfer Tracking#
    Assigned: 504784


    Registrars continue to violate the ICANN transfer policy | Tiger Technologies Blog http://bit.ly/Mzs49J

    Wild West Domains violates ICANN Transfer Policy | Domain News | Domain Smalltalk http://bit.ly/Mzs4GR



    Since Wild West Domains refused customer support on all issues related to WordPress.com the only recourse I have is this forum.

    FYI ~ automattic people, there is no place in the Wild West admin account control panel that make access the to domain transfer process possible.


    Very unhappy atm… Huge WordPress and automattic fan… Wild West and GoDaddy are terrible companies.

    Domain transfer being denied by Wild West Domains to bluehost? « WordPress.com Forums http://bit.ly/Mzsmh4


    Hello timethief,

    Thank you for your fast response. Yes, I am a Webmaster and WordPress developer and very experienced in doing transfers.

    The issue here is that:

    a) there is no place in the Wild West admin account control panel that make access the to domain transfer process possible.

    b) Wild West is rejecting the transfer

    c) All protocol has been followed with the TOS (unlocked, ect)

    ~ K



    This is a peer support forum. Staff monitor and appear from time to time throughout the day to deal with issues we cannot deal with. I flagged the thread for Staff attention and we Volunteers can do no more than that.


    Perhaps you have a link within the Wild West system that I could access while logged into the account in question, as for the life of me, it is not available from the current Wild West control panel (which is the same as the GoDaddy control panel, legendary for obfuscation)

    ~ K


    thank you for flagging this timethief, I appreciate.

    This is the second round on this particular domain transfer, the first attempted back in May 2012

    ~ K




    I am on the phone with BlueHost doing what I can to make sure the process from the winning registrar is clear.

    ~ K



    Bumping your thread is futile as it will not make Staff appear. Support Staff are in a meet-up until Jumy 23rd. We haven’t being seeing them posting here more than once or twice daily.



    Sorry – “Jumy 23rd” was meant to be “July 23rd”


    Thanks for the heads up on that, timethief, I am trying to troubleshoot the tech from the winning registrar side.

    In the meantime, this is a cautionary tale. As I said before, in my world, Wild West has a very bad reputation for domain transfers, the buyer should beware.

    ~ K


    OK – this was resolved on the BlueHost end. Turns out is was less about Wild West Domains, and more about the fact that the domain tranfer had been rejected back in May 2012, and the rejection cookie stayed in the BlueHost domain manager system.

    The Fix:

    I called BlueHost technical support as requested that the old rejection screen (cookie) be deleted from the domain manager in the control panel.

    Once that was completed, I went back to the Wild West Domain’s account control panel and sent out a new EPP code.

    The new EPP code worked and the transfer completed.

    Fly Safe + Shoot Straight !


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