Will a CSS uprade allow for javascript (re stats)

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    Hey all,

    normally, I can carry on alright with the rudimentary stats offered by WP.com. Every now and again though (and tonight is a “now and again”), I really, really want to be able to utilyse some of the metrics available to sites that can use javascript with Sitemeter or Statcounter.com

    If I buy into the CSS upgrade, will I be able to use either Sitemeter or Statcounter (I understand the issues with Google Analytics, though I do wonder why WP.com can’t find a way to share them, even on a daily or weekly basis of analysis) with java? Or do I need to just bite the bullet and port over to a WP.org blog hosted on my own server?

    For what its worth, I like the community that WP.com offers and would be remiss to leave it. Hence my dilemma.. But I am willing to pay for an upgrade for java, if such an upgrade exists in the first place.





    First off, the CSS upgrade will not allow javascript, just the ability to edit the CSS itself. That being said, there are plenty of stats programs including both you stated that do work with WordPress! ! !





    You can use Sitemeter at least right now. I’m using it myself, just a button in the blogroll, and it works just fine. They have an HTML only signup for WP.com users.



    Yeah… I’m just in a mood where I’d really like to have a better idea of my referring links per visit – where they’re coming and, and for what, and then where they’re going. I understand that I need java for that.

    Here’s a followup though. If i were to use wp.com on my own hosting service, I would still not have java, right? I would still have to switch to wp.org for that? I’ve been toying with the idea of switching over to wp.org, but I appreciate the community aspect of wp.com, but more importantly, I don’t want to lose all my indexed links for two weeks or so..

    Anyway, thanks again. I’m not one of those disgruntled non-thinking wp.com users. I know why there’s give and take on these things…



    You would need to switch to wp.org software.
    Check the sticky post in the forum by Andy.

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