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Will a 're-published' post send notifications as a new post?

  1. writerwannabe763

    I changed a published post back to draft but since it still appeared except home page... I 'trashed' it. If I restore it and re-publish will it send another notification to followers as if it was a new post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Every post your publish and or every time your edit a published post it will appear in the RSS feed and there's no way to prevent that.

    Do note that deleting posts and reposting them solves nothing and is a very bad practice. Every time you delete a post that has been indexed by Google and other search engines you are breaking the links to it in search engine results. Everyone who clicks those broken links in Google search results or in Bing or other search engine results will experience a 404 (page not found) message.

  3. writerwannabe763

    Thanks for the information.... I don't really understand about RSS feeds. Are you saying that if I do a spelling correction edit after being published everyone gets another notification? Wow!

    I only deleted this for a very good reason but as it turns out it was unnecessary... but I'll only complicate things further if I repost would seem... Thanks again...Diane

  4. No, minor edits should NOT re-send the post. Only changing the permalink, ie the title or date, or changing it from Published to Unpublished and back should do that. Occasionally there are glitches though.

  5. I think it on the email client. I have been told gmail does send out every edit I make on the posts I edit.

  6. writerwannabe763

    So I guess since I'm 'hotmail' it probably doesn't. I guess I should ask one of my followers.... That is something that would be annoying for others to receive.... Thanks! Diane

  7. You're welcome.

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