Will blog posts stay forever?

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    Being new to blogging, I have a question about the permanency (if that is a word) of blog posts.

    Does WordPress ever delete posts that I wrote in my blog?
    I.e., is there something like a “best before” date, or will they delete older posts if I reach my 3GB limit?

    Can I search my own blog for stuff I wrote a long time ago?

    Should I ever turn to another blog service (or using an offline blog writing tool), can I extract all my posts from wordpress?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    The blog I need help with is gabrielzachmann.wordpress.com.



    1) No – no “read before date” – 3GB only counts for pictures and other media / files uploaded – you reach the limit they just take away your ability to put new pictures on your site – or you can buy an upgrade for more space

    2) There is a search Widget for your blog –

    3) Probably – you can export from here – but it depends on where you move to and if they will import from here – given that something like 20% of the new internet sites use some sort of WordPress software to drive the site – the WordPress export file has become sort of a standard


    Thanks a lot! that pretty much answers my questions.


    Also if you reach your 3GB limit you can delete some of your posts/pictures to make room for new ones. Right?



    Yes, but if you optimize the photos for the internet before uploading that should never ever be necessary. You can also buy a space upgrade, or just register another free blog, upload there, and hotlink.



    @raincoaster and timethief

    Many thanks for your inputs.

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