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Will Bloglovin followers show up in my no. of followers?

  1. fictionfanakaff


    I've added the Bloglovin button to my blog, but I've never really used Bloglovin and don't know much about it. If someone clicks on the button to follow me via Bloglovin, will they be added to the total no. of followers shown in the Follow Blog widget?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thecheapreader

    If they follow you on Bloglovin, it will be counted as a Bloglovin follower. Same thing if they follow you on WP.

  3. They will not be added to the Followers listed on your blog dashboard, no.

  4. fictionfanakaff

    Thanks, both. That helps clarify it. :)

  5. spam

  6. fictionfanakaff

    Yes, spam. I'll mark the conversation as resolved now to stop any more of it.

  7. @fictionfanakaff
    Thanks. I previopusly tagged this thread re: the spammer.

  8. edit = previously

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