Will CSS customization fix Regulus widgets?

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    I’m a big fan of Regulus, and want to stick with it. But the introduction of the sidebar widgets seems to have thrown a couple of things off:

    1. The original two-column format of the sidebar has been changed to a single column, so I now have a lot of white space I could be using better (e.g., in the blogroll).

    2. The category count (i.e., number of posts in a particular category) appears on a second line, again wasting a lot of space.

    So here’s my question: now that I’ve bought the CSS customization upgrade, can I fix these problems with stylesheet overrides? Or will I have to move to a wordpress.org blog? Support says there’s nothing they can do.



    There seems to be only one sidebar div in the current version of Regulus, so I can’t see any easy way of converting the single-column sidebar back to two other than setting up an .org blog on your own host. You can get rid of the category count, but I expect support have already told you that.



    The regulus default is the two column sidebar version. As soon as you add the widgets it becomes a single column sidebar or at least that’s what I was told.



    You could always apply the Regulus CSS to Sandbox. :)



    thanks for the replies. wank and timethief, that’s exactly my problem :)

    engtech, intriguing suggestion! does anyone else think it’ll work? and how can i actually get a hold of the regulus css (since in the case of my own css editor i only have an empty field for css edits that would override the regulus css)?


    you can start hacking on the stylesheets from regulus here:

    custom CSS doesn’t replace your existing stylesheets, it just adds another stylesheet after them.

    if you’re seriously thinking of porting regulus to sandbox, it would be a nice courtesy to check with brian @ binary moon to make sure he doesn’t have a port underway already. before forking his project, you might also want to ask if he’d consider adding the features you want to regulus.



    There was a two column widgetized version of Regulus but that designer is no longer offering it for download. It’s come up in the past both here and over at wp.org

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