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Will dashboard options change after domain mapping upgrade?

  1. Two days ago, I changed my blog ( into a self-hosted domain ( After that, a lot of dashboard options and functions were gone, such as several widgets, sharing options and follow buttons. I'm using the Suburbia theme.

    I'm considering a paid domain mapping upgrade, so WordPress will be hosting my domain. Does anyone know if the original dashboard options I had will still be there? I can't find it anywhere on the fora and tutorials..

    In short: I went from .com blog to a .org blog. Will a paid domain mapping upgrade get me back my .com setup?

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only thing that changes is the domain. The old domain even works, but you ALSO have the new domain. That is all that changes.

    Self-hosting is an entirely different thing. That is an entirely new blog, using a different version of the software.

  3. Ok, that was helpful. Thank you!

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