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Will domain mapping of a domain I already own permit my posts to include the dom

  1. Will domain mapping of a domain I already own permit my blog's posts titles to appear attached to the domain name and NOT to the name? My domain name, has been URL Forwarded by to my blog, However, when wanting to send out by email a link to the post, the recipient sees the address and not the address. Additionally, until three days ago this blog has been hosted elsewhere as a blog under the same name, When there, the problem I'm recounting to you did not exist. A little more detail: I had to copy the .org one into a new because the host server was revamping and chose no longer to host my blog. While re-creating it at, the .org one under that name was still up and running, so I named the one "" address. So, again, will purchasing domain mapping take care of my problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I sure hope someone on the WP staff can help with this asap. I'm not comfortable sending out posts until the questions is answered, and I'm hesitant to purchase domain mapping if that won't take care of the issue, i.e. permit the secondary name (sophiesgift...) to be completely hidden to everyone but me as the admministrator

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